How Do You Feel About Change?

I’ve been working with a professional coach, who uses some methods that some might call woo-woo and which — perhaps because of that — have been remarkably effective. One of these is a semi-hypnotic guided meditation (by zoom, no less!); this week one of the things I ended up saying/realizing during that time was “Disruption is necessary for growth.”

I’ve been trying to sit with that a little, because it surprised me. You see, I hate change. I am currently grieving mightily the fact that Lisa Roering, who has owned Roering Auto Body across the street from us for the entire 30 years I have owned this house, apparently sold the business early in 2023 and there’s some dude-bro running it now. Clearly I did not use an auto body place OFTEN, but having Lisa there was a sense of security in my life that I miss. The email I *just* got that my old fave, Wilde Cafe, has now become someplace called “Pivo” is not helping; that said, I am part of the problem as I have not been there in months.

So back to disruption = growth. The more I sit with that the more I see it, though I am scared of it. I’m currently looking at some exciting new client opportunities (yay!), turning down some other new opportunities (unusual for me but very necessary), and casting an eye on currently client relationships to evaluate them. This is exceptionally hard for me, because I am very loyal to clients. I’m trying to see it as realizing that if they are not serving me, I might also not be serving them as well as another solution might be.

Maybe that means I am ok with change for me, but not others! In any case, I’m just generally trying to grow, and be the best possible resources I can for those I work with. It’s some of the hardest, but also rewarding, work I’ve done.