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About Patrick

Patrick Rhone is awesome. He not only understands every facet of working with a Mac, but he understands how to deal with people who don’t understand anything about a Mac! He is patient, kind, thorough and committed to making life with your Mac easy and fun! I can’t say enough good things about Patrick and the above and beyond help he has provided to me and my entire team. Not to mention, he is one of the sweetest humans on the planet!

Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, CSP, High Impact Presentations

When I needed and new system and was considering switching from a PC running Windows to a Mac, Patrick was my go to guy. He pointed me to the right system for my needs and saved me a ton of money in the process. When it came time to find Mac equivalents to the programs I was using on Windows, he was full of advice and suggestions. I could not be happier with my choice to switch and Patrick made it an easy one.

Clay Collins, Project Mojave

Patrick is a great listener and incredibly patient, which makes him a perfect tech-consultant. His wealth of knowledge allows him to improvise and come up with an efficient and effective strategy to solve client’s problems. He’s also a great instructor when it comes to teaching software. Patrick is up to speed with what’s out there for technology, but not afraid to deploy and maintain “yesterday’s model” if and when it makes sense. This can be very cost-effective for clients. Patrick is the tech consultant I recommend to family, friends, and business partners.

Tim Eian, Assoc. AIA, Certified Passive House™ Consultant, TE Studio, Ltd.

The service I received from Patrick Rhone was worth its weight in gold. I had some serious hardware issues that other consultants were not able to solve. Patrick diagnosed and solved the problem in minutes. He was also great for clearly answering basic operating questions about simple tasks as well as helping with more specialized professional needs. By calling Patrick, I saved myself money and hours of frustration and stress. He knows his stuff for any computer need and is easy going, efficient, and loves what he does. I highly recommend him.

Chuck Lazarus

I recently had the pleasure of working with Patrick on my home office conversion. As a business consultant I rely on my computer, fax, printer, email, etc. to work with my clients on a daily basis, so the decision to buy a new laptop with Vista and Microsoft 07 and possibly have days of downtime as I converted and adjusted was terrifying.

However, with Patrick helping me, the whole conversion process took 2 days. He helped me purchase the right computer for my needs, moved all of my programs, applications and documents from one computer to the other, optimized the laptop performance, and then connected everything in my home office, including the wireless network, docking station, printing, faxing, internet, etc.

He completed the work over the weekend, so I had no downtime, and walked me through all of my questions and requests with patience, expert knowledge, and great results. I will work Patrick again the future and recommend him with full confidence.

Michelle Goodman MBA, PMP, MBG Business Services

Patrick Rhone is rare in the world of IT support. He helped me recently, and I was very impressed with his knowledge, service, and interest. His explanations were clear and accurate. I felt as if I was talking to an encyclopedia. And his interest was genuinely human. He truly cares about helping you.If you need IT support, I recommend that you call Patrick. He’s outstanding.

Steve Kaye, Speaker, Author, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator