Bethany Gladhill has long time experience in non-profit, business, and arts management with skills covering everything from general bookkeeping, grant writing, strategy, and marketing. And, this is just the tip of it. Actually, there is not enough space here to list her diverse skill set. She brings a lot to the table, is well regarded by her current clients, and is in high demand due to many others who wish she worked for them.

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Patrick Rhone is an expert in all things Apple and Technology. His unofficial title being the “Simplifier of Difficult Things”. He has over 20 years experience helping individuals, non-profits, and small businesses demystify the digital realm. He can always cut through the confusion to help you find the simplest and most cost effective solutions for your computing needs. If you have a tech question or need a website that is easy to update, as well as nice looking, he’s your guy.

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