New Blog Action!

Who blogs anymore anyway? Apparently we do.

You may already follow Patrick’s blog (, where right now he has some very interesting musings about property rights. Or mine (, which, well…is not exactly cohesive in theme.

But I in particular (given some recent events) have been thinking a lot about issues in my two main fields of arts/non-profit management and historic preservation. I would like to talk more about these things, in perhaps a slightly more professional matter than my off-the-cuff blog posts. And so, we’ve added this blog page to

We would love to talk to you more — both online and in real life — about important topics. We may sometimes disagree, but that’s ok too. So we hope you’ll follow us here and to see you on the blog!

Announcing Gladhill Rhone LLC

Earlier this month, Bethany Gladhill and Patrick Rhone joined forces to form Gladhill Rhone LLC. The merging of our two businesses (the former Gladhill Consulting and Machine Methods, respectively) allows us to better meet client needs and offer more services.

Patrick is an expert in all things Apple and Technology. His unofficial title being the “Simplifier of Difficult Things”. He has over 20 years experience helping individuals, non-profits, and small businesses demystify the digital realm. He can always cut through the confusion to help you find the simplest and most cost effective solutions for your computing needs. If you have a tech question or need a website that is easy to update, as well as nice looking, he’s your guy.

Bethany has long time experience in non-profit, business, and arts management with skills covering everything from general bookkeeping, grant writing, strategy, and marketing. And, this is just the tip of it. Actually, there is not enough space here to list her diverse skill set. She brings a lot to the table, is well regarded by her current clients, and is in high demand due to many others who wish she worked for them.

We both look forward to the exciting new ways this new partnership might serve you! Feel free to get in touch